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Phoebe Mroczek - When Your Dreams Change

Phoebe Mroczek - When Your Dreams Change

July 10, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking to Phoebe Mroczek about unbecoming as a daily practice and what unbecoming is for her! Phoebe is a podcaster and marketing strategist who helps online entrepreneurs create a profitable business that is a reflection of who they are and what they want most. She is the host of the Unbecoming Podcast, a show that helps entrepreneurs release judgment, expectations and past conditioning to redefine their metrics of success and live a fun, free and fulfilling life.

  • Phoebe explains the practice of releasing who you aren't and stepping into a life of who you are
  • Phoebe talks about the box of expectations that society has placed you in
  • Phoebe discusses focusing on the habit and not the outcome
  • Giovanna emphasizes using your feelings as your compass rather than your destination

Memorable Quotes:

  • You are not just a mom. You are not just an entrepreneur. You are not just _________. You are so many things and you are capable of so much more. 
  • Don't rush the process. Be here in this moment. Get what you need to get now, or you won't be able to get to where you are going. 
  • Own who you are and communicate it in a transparent way. 


Dr. Heather Bartos - The Healthiest Sex of Your Life

Dr. Heather Bartos - The Healthiest Sex of Your Life

June 26, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking to Dr. Heather Bartos. oin Heather Bartos, M.D. is a leading voice in the field of women’s health and wellness, combining care for the mind, body, emotions, and spirit to help women live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Fascinated by how what we think about affects how we feel, Dr. Bartos teaches women—and women’s families—how to thrive, no matter what stage of life they’re in.

  • Heather explains the five why's and how she uses them
  • Heather talks about mind-shift medicine and how our emotions effect our physical body and health.
  • Heather discusses the shame and blame of sex we learn as children
  • Giovanna emphasizes the powerful force behind a woman's sexual drive

Memorable Quotes:

  • We are responsible for our own pleasure.
  • Get out of your head! Orgasms are healthy! They release all that is good in the world. 
Giovanna Capozza - Everything is Relationship

Giovanna Capozza - Everything is Relationship

June 19, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking relationships and not just romantic ones. If you think of relationships from a macro perspective, everything is relationship. From where you sit in a room, to familial, work, self, source and romantic. We are in relationship to the spaces we fill, the people we communicate with and ourselves. Join Giovanna as she talks about the two primary foundational relationships in each persons life. Source and self. 

  • Giovanna explains the foundational relationships
  • Giovanna talks about the relationship to others
  • Giovanna discusses getting it right, when there is no right
  • Giovanna emphasizes kindness in relationship to self

Memorable Quotes:

  • Am I cultivating capacity, resiliency and trust? Or am I looking to get filled from the outside in? 
  • Are you not getting this thing called life right? When every area feels meh...


Giovanna Capozza - Guilty Pleasures

Giovanna Capozza - Guilty Pleasures

June 6, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is diving into something personal for her but knows there are so many that relate. Guilty Pleasures. Guilt when you take time off. Guilt that others are working and you are enjoying life. Listen in as Giovanna talks about her own experiences with the guilt monster and some tips on how to over come it. 

  • Giovanna explains the culture of being busy
  • Giovanna talks about the should's and could's
  • Giovanna discusses unconscious guilt
  • Giovanna emphasizes how to make a change

Memorable Quotes:

  • Take a breath. Notice what is happening. Learn to be present. 
  • Unconscious guilt will wreak havoc on your personal life and your health.
  • Don't glorify a busy life. We make peopl
Carly Pollack - Feed Your Soul

Carly Pollack - Feed Your Soul

May 22, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna talks with Nutrition expert Carly Pollack. Carly Pollack is the author of Feed Your Soul and is the founder of Nutritional Wisdom, a thriving private practice based in Austin, Texas. A Certified Clinical Nutritionist with a master’s degree in holistic nutrition, Carly has been awarded Best Nutritionist in Austin five years running and has helped over 10,000 people achieve their health and happiness goals. In Feed Your Soul: Nutritional Wisdom to Lose Weight Permanently and Live Fulfilled (New World Library, February 5, 2019), she presents her unique understanding of body science, brain wiring, and spiritual principles to facilitate real, long-term change.

  • Carly explains we teach what we most need to hear
  • Carly talks about how we need to nourish our whole self
  • Carly discusses deprivation and how it works against us
  • Giovanna emphasizes that it is not just about behavior modification
  • Carly explains the two current schools of thought
  • Giovanna talks about how boundaries are a positive thing

Memorable Quotes:

  • You can't hate yourself skinny.
  • Love creates change, not fear. 
  • Thoughts drive Emotions. Emotions dictate change. 
  • Body shaming is a waste of time.
  • If people don't have the tools, they will never make a permanent change.


Ellen Grace Obrian - Being Spiritual and Prosperous

Ellen Grace Obrian - Being Spiritual and Prosperous

May 8, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna talks to Ellen Grace Obrian. Ellen is the author of The Jewel of Abundance and director of the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment in San Jose, CA.  Ellen is a yogacharya (an esteemed yoga teacher), a radio host, and an award-winning poet who weaves poetry into her teachings on spiritual matters, pointing to the mystical experience beyond words and thought. Join Giovanna and Ellen as they talk about the mind, body soul connection and the split that has occurred. 

  • Ellen explains that the greatest wealth is soul wealth
  • Ellen talks about the four universal goals 
  • Ellen discusses how we live our full life and not divide it up
  • Ellen emphasizes purpose is the blossoming of your divine self
  • Ellen explains that if we can't find joy, we are missing the purpose

Memorable Quotes:

  • Teach us how to know the truth of what we are. we are not confined to the body or the mind. 
  • The great trying to be spiritual (the mindset) the farther we get from our essential being. Because we are already spiritual beings. 
  • We want our work to be a harmonious vehicle for those qualities.  Our vocation can be an avenue to express our higher purpose. 
Giovanna Capozza - Where Are You on the spectrum?

Giovanna Capozza - Where Are You on the spectrum?

May 2, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna talks the spectrum of Love Sick.  Love sickness is simply a lack of love somewhere in our lives, this could be romantic love, but doesn't need to be. Often if we are trying to fill a void on the inside, we are more comfortable looking for that love on the outside, this is love sick. 

  • Giovanna explains Love Sick
  • Giovanna talks about how we are all some where on the spectrum
  • Giovanna discusses how we experience attachment energy
  • Giovanna emphasizes that we are not at fault for our love addiction
  • Giovanna explains the paths to recovery

Memorable Quotes:

  • We compensate with fantasy to escape the pain of the real world relationships we are in.
  • When we go into manorexia, we shut ourselves off from romantic love, to control the situation. This doesn't fulfill us, we still come up dry. 
  • What are you risking for love? 
Dr. Heather McKee - Breaking Your Habits

Dr. Heather McKee - Breaking Your Habits

April 17, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna talks with Dr. Heather McKee. Heather is the UK’s leading behaviour change specialist, lecturer, speaker, and consultant. Having studied behaviour change psychology for 10 years her mission is to offer an evidence based sustainable alternative to an industry saturated with quick fixes and health fads. Heather works as a habit change coach to help support her clients in building healthy habits they enjoy and importantly that last a lifetime.She is well-versed in what it means to be brave and loves helping women get their brave on!

  • Heather explains our barriers to change
  • Heather talks about how change is both messy and hard
  • Heather discusses deprivation and how it works against us
  • Heather emphasizes that willpower is a muscle
  • Heather explains implementation planning to be successful
  • Giovanna talks about planned imperfection
  • Heather talks about making small changes and repetition

Memorable Quotes:

  • We had all these amazing resources, yet people couldn't get their goals to stick.
  • The more you resist, the more you persist. 
  • We make goals a huge mountain to climb because we are suffocating from our perfectionism. 
  • Skill power not will power.
  • Planned imperfection! We will imperfectly achieve our goals. 
Giovanna Capozza- What is Spiritual Surrender?

Giovanna Capozza- What is Spiritual Surrender?

April 3, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna spends time focusing on spiritual surrender and what it actually is.  She discusses the flow of life, relationships and business all come from the power decision of surrender. Listen in as Giovanna talks about setting her EGO aside and letting surrender occur.

  • Giovanna explains surrender and submissions
  • Giovanna breaks down why we confuse the two
  • Giovanna discusses the energy in which we do things
  • Giovanna talks about EGO, otherwise know as Edging God Out
  • Giovanna explains how to cultivate the skill of surrender
  • Giovanna emphasizes that if you keep hitting roadblocks, there is a reason

Memorable Quotes:

  • Surrender is an innate way of being. It is the undoing of you being in control.
  • We confuse 'Thy Will be Done' with submission, when it is really surrender.
  • The first step in surrender is cultivating the relationship with Spirit. Asking, Who Am I? 
  • It is important to understand the energy in which we do things. The energy behind our words.
Baljit Rayat - Recognizing Your Soul’s Purpose

Baljit Rayat - Recognizing Your Soul’s Purpose

March 20, 2019

For this episode of She Rises, Giovanna welcomes Baljit Rayat. Baljit is a spiritual teacher who works in energetic and etheric levels to help others who want to become unstuck in their current realities. She explores an even deeper level by reading Akashic records to let people know what areas of life to focus on and improve. Keep your mind and heart open as Giovanna and Baljit dive into this unique topic and learn more about Akashic records, becoming a conscious co-creator, and being open to a universe full of possibilities.          

  • Baljit shares her past healing crisis and experience with a homeopathic doctor.  
  • Baljit discusses how she met her mentor and learned about Akashic records.
  • Giovanna defines energy medicine.
  • Baljit explains Akashic records readings and how it taps into your soul’s purpose.
  • Baljit talks about the difference between psychic readings and Akashic readings.
  • Baljit shares how realizing our universal truth in Akashic readings allows healing to occur.
  • Baljit explains what a spiritual bypass is and how it can mask the truth.
  • Giovanna talks about how emotions get trapped in your body and can cause illness.
  • Baljit discusses being a conscious co-creator instead of a subconscious co-creator.  
  • Baljit shares how Akashic readings help people from all walks of life.
  • Baljit advises to honor your boundaries by listening to your gut intuition and to be okay with saying no.  

Memorable Quotes:

  • When you’re working with Akashic records, there’s no such thing as time and space. You can heal simultaneously because our past life runs parallel to the present.
  • If you have a block—physically, mentally, emotionally—you’re not going to be able to manifest what it is you want to create.
  • When we choose to deflect our awareness, resistance happens. That resistance is suffering and where we experience pain, and we hold onto it like a security blanket.
  • You will not heal if you avoid your emotions. Connect to your body and emotions on a deeper level and allow yourself to heal.
  • Practice listening to your intuition. Create space for alignment to your actual purpose.

Resources Mentioned:

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