Jennifer Racioppi - Know Your Cycles, Know Yourself

August 8, 2017

Jennifer Racioppi is the founder of the Lunar Logic Revolution, a movement for the modern woman so that she can achieve her dreams in complete alignment with the fullest expression of herself. The Lunar Logic Revolution involves embracing both the spiritual and the scientific—a combination of astrology, intuition, wellness research, and strategic best practices—so that we can emerge from a place of wholeness and steadfast resilience in the face of everything that this crazy magical fast-paced world has in store. Jenn’s methodology helps women access their voice, make sense of their emotions, own their feminine power, and create a foundation of strength and fortitude as they move towards business success, financial empowerment, thriving relationships, and their most significant life goals. In addition to being a sought after astrologer, Jennifer is also a Duke Integrative Medicine Certified Health Coach. She's also studied positive psychology under Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar and Dr. Maria Sirois, as well as women’s health with experts Sara Gottfried and Jessica Drummond.

In this episode of She Rises Podcast, Jennifer Racioppi shares her life story fighting ovarian cancer from a very early age, which resulted in a total hysterectomy in her early 20's. With no cycle or road map to navigate... she turned to the sky! This life threatening experience led her to the discovery of astrology. In this episode,  Jennifer breaks down the fundamental concepts of astrology and how it made her stronger after such a devastating blow to her health. She discusses specifically the different phases of the moon in relationship to a woman’s menstruation and ovulation cycles. Tune-in as Jennifer argues that a basic understanding of these concepts will help women gain incredible insight into the hormonal changes and emotions that occur within their cycles. She shares what it takes, as women, to become intentional creators of our lives and why free will—our thoughts, actions, and habits—are the true, determining factors for our future.

  • Jennifer’s battle with cancer led to her discovering astrology

    • Jennifer has an excruciating life story
    • She was tomboyish as a child and as she entered her teenage years, she had a hard time coping with her menstruation
    • Her periods were long and painful which led to Jennifer having a dislike for her gender
    • Doctors failed to recognize that there was something dysfunctional about Jennifer’s body until after graduation, when she suffered from acute pain
    • It was discovered that there a gigantic tumor in her left ovary and she was diagnosed with stage one ovarian cancer
    • Integrative medicine was not present in the late 1990’s
    • Jennifer unfortunately had to undergo a hysterectomy which rendered her infertile and postmenopausal
    • There was no one there to explain to Jennifer the meaning of menopause
    • She was just a young girl out of puberty
    • Jennifer felt deceived since she was saddled with a bunch of issues due to her cancer treatment
    • Jennifer moved to California in a bid to improve her health
    • She discovered the phases of the moon during this period of life
  • Jennifer’s introduction to astrology
    • Discovering astrology was an intense spiritual experience
    • She learnt about moon phases from her Ayurveda practitioner who is a Vedic astrologer and a Tarot card reader
    • Jennifer learned to track time through planetary rhythms
    • She started making astrological predictions
    • Astrology taught Jennifer how to manifest and see in the dark
    • She was opened to “A life of magic”
    • “Life is about getting stronger”
    • Jennifer started taking astrology seriously after 2009
    • She found her true calling and has taken up astrology as a full-time profession
  • In astrology, there are four elements: earth, air, fire and water
    • Earth to earth is a manifestation
    • Fire and water is not an easy combination since two different beings are attempting to cooperate with one another
    • Complementary signs, like earth and water, are considered good from an astrological point of view
    • Every sign has an element associated with it
  • Jennifer explains the different phases of the moon
    • New moons happen when the sun and the moon are aligning at the same exact degree in the sky
    • The moon is receiving the light of the sun and reflecting it back to earth
    • Full moon is when the sun and the moon are in opposite directions
    • The moon is receiving the light of the sun and reflecting it back to earth
    • Waxing moons and waning moons are caused at different rhythms of time
    • Knowing which element the new moon falls under will increase the depth of your understanding of astrology
  • Jennifer explains the close interrelation between human emotions and phases of the moon
    • Human beings are mostly water, and the moon has an effect on the tides
    • So, using this logic, Jennifer states that the phases of the moon would have a profound impact on human beings
    • Emotions are energy in motion, and the atmosphere affects our emotions
  • Jennifer urges women to get a sense of where they stand hormonally
    • For ovulating women, it is important to understand the rhythm of your cycles
    • How do you feel in the period between of menstruation to ovulation?
    • How do feel in the period between ovulation to menstruation?
    • Are your menstrual and ovulation cycles aligned with the new moon and full moon?
    • Do you have energetic patterns that are in sync with the phases of the moon?
    • Jennifer feels more in control of her emotions during a full moon
    • Deal with your anxieties by understanding the phases of the moon
    • “The menstrual cycle and the moon cycle are exact mirrors of each other”.
    • If women can realize that their menstrual cycles are dependent on the phases of the moon, then this awareness is true power
  • Working with subconscious needs by challenging our inner rhythms and hormonal rhythms
    • We can become intentional creators of our lives
    • Human beings are complex and have subconscious needs
    • Anticipate hormonal changes with regards to the phases of the moon
  • Learn to deal with imperfections with grace and dignity
  • “If we can start to lean into the revelation, rather than fear it, how productive can we be?”
  • “Success is knowing who you are, being who you are and truly have consciousness around how we are behaving”.
  • “No need to fear the difficult”
    • We can be better because of it
    • We need some pressure points that create an angst in us which will drive us
    • We need to get into “flow state”—an adequate amount of challenge catapults us into a “flow state”
    • Thoughts, actions, behaviors and habits are more powerful than what is going on in the atmosphere
  • “No matter what the chart says, no matter what the stars are doing, we still have this thing called, ‘Free Will’. It is how we dance. It is how we respond. It is how we contour our strength and capacity, our sense of sovereignty and our sense of dignity”
  • Jennifer recommends that users download the 2017 Moon Guide
  • Check out The She Rises website
  • End of today’s podcast

3 Key Points:

  1. The four elements and their complementary and opposing forces can provide insight into who we are and with whom we are compatible.
  2. Understanding your hormonal changes with regards to the phases of the moon will provide you better insight into your body and emotions.
  3. Thoughts, actions, behaviors and habits are more powerful than what is going on in the atmosphere.

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