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Audrey Hazekamp - The Value of Wonder

March 24, 2017

Audrey Hazecamp co-author of Shake it UP and co-faciliator with the renowned Kathlyn Hendricks, PhD. speaks to us about the wonder as a tool for self-discovery and transformation


In this episode, Giovanna interviews Audrey Hazekamp. Audrey opens up a new world of possibilities using curiosity and wonder. What kind of questions do you ask yourself? What opens up for us and the world when we give ourselves the permission to wonder? Tune in to find out how she considers both her body and emotions as her allies to living a life of purpose.


Show Notes:

  • Introducing Audrey Hazekamp on the show
  • Audrey has always been curious
  • Her level of curiosity became an inconvenience to the adults around her
  • For the longest time, she took her curiosity underground by covering it with facts and science
  • Genuine wonder is a superpower
  • Genuine wonder is a place for Audrey’s intellect to create new possibilities
  • Wonder Builder and Wonder Builder Cards
  • Audrey has a Wondercraft Course
  • Giovanna is a chronic asker of “Why?”
  • What Audrey loves now is using science as a way of supporting her philosophy of wonder
  • “Science is beginning to show up with hard evidence of why wonder and curiosity are evolutionary tools”
  • Audrey encourages you to try and see what happens to your body when you criticize yourself
  • Audrey’s body becomes narrow and she pulls in to create a shield around herself
  • She’s a big fan of letting herself notice the experience
  • Audrey doesn’t ignore self-blame and criticism, but is applying wonder
  • Your body is your ally
  • Transition can be more awkward than elegant when creating your own reality
  • Hold something with an open palm
  • The semantic work
  • The thought follows the experience
  • Physiology is what generates the thought
  • Physiology informs the mind to create critical thoughts
  • The “fear melters” process explained
  • Wonder is a big part of opening space
  • The power of wonder opens up so much
  • The sound of wonder is a really pleasant, vibratory sound
  • Using the sound of wonder and the phrase, “I wonder,” already makes a bridge from fear
  • Your ego will always try to contradict wondering
  • Part of the issue of wonder is that it’s simple
  • Audrey’s favorite question is, “I wonder what is genuinely mine to do?”
  • Audrey was a professional hero for most of her life
  • Her senses opens its doors to invite the resolution
  • The current political situation led Audrey to the thought of her living in an unfriendly universe
  • She wonders how she can be a source of a friendly universe
  • Be courageous enough to ask questions without any direct answer
  • Ask wonder questions with a “How” or “What” because “Why” is tricky
  • “Why is probably the most dangerous question you could ask your brain”
  • Criticizing vs applying wonder and curiosity
  • Audrey loves words that give her a quality, “tuning fork” moment
  • Audrey’s Book, Shake It Up: Refresh and Rediscover Yourself through Wonder and Body-Mind Adventures
  • Audrey thanks Oxana Holtmann, her co-author
  • All the pages of the book are invitations to express appreciation—from blame to wonder
  • The book is participatory
  • Part of Audrey’s resourcefulness is knowing who to ask
  • Learning through wisdom or someone else’s mastery helps you learn without having to create the experience
  • Audrey talks about verbing
  • Verbing is an invitation to try on different action verbs
  • Audrey shares her client as an example
  • Audrey is a fan of the word “engage”
  • “I am my best client” – Am I the living example of what it is I’m talking about?
  • Audrey considers herself a self-appreciation adventurer
  • Audrey had medical issues that caused a lot of trauma in her life
  • She built the “American Dream” everybody wanted to have – she had a great career, home, and living
  • Deep down, Audrey had a sense of dissatisfaction
  • She started asking existential questions
  • “I need to be willing to risk”
  • Part of the Audrey’s essential qualities is to be of service
  • She left her home in Michigan and moved to Santa Barbara
  • Audrey doesn’t recommend her way to everyone
  • “It’s awkward before it’s elegant”
  • All of the feelings Audrey had were all in service to her creativity
  • It takes practice to see your emotions as allies
  • Let yourself soften and ask for support when you need it
  • The more transparent Audrey becomes, the more access she gets to her primal, innate power
  • Connect with Audrey on her website
  • Giovanna closes the podcast

3 Key Points:

  1. Curiosity and wonder open up a new world to any person who starts to access them.
  2. Ask what is genuinely yours to do and use that to start a new life of wonder.
  3. Begin to think of your emotions as allies.

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