Encore Episode with Lisa Natoli – A Course in Miracles: Relationships

November 28, 2017

I LOVE the topic of relationships, in fact of all the coaching that I do, relationship coaching is the most powerful and fulfilling of all!

To be a guide to others and bare witness to radical transformation is blessing and a gift.

Today I revisit this topic in an interview I gave back in 2015 with one of my spiritual teachers Lisa Natoli.

Lisa Natoli is a minister, teacher and healer. She is the author of the best-selling book Gorgeous for God and founder of the 40-Day Program for Transformation, a free online program. She writes and teaches on the topics of transformation, healing and abundance. She is co-founder of the nonprofit organization Teachers of God Foundation which inspires, encourages and supports individuals to go through the transformation from fear to love. She co-hosts a weekly radio show on Unity Online Radio called Living in Joy/Reflections on A Course in Miracles that airs every Friday afternoon at 3pm EST.

In this episode, Giovanna welcomes Lisa Natoli to the show. Lisa is a minister, teacher and healer whose main focus is in the area of relationships—a harmonious relationship with one’s self, God, and with others. She opens up about her own broken history in relationships which led to her finding a partner in Jesus. Out of her commitment to her faith and the fullness of love that she found through forgiveness, Lisa was able to open herself up to a new relationship and express to herself what she really wanted. Tune in to find out the miracle of forgiveness, the importance of the Holy Spirit in relationships, and what can happen when you choose to love yourself and God first…

  • Today’s episode guest is Lisa Natoli
  • Lisa is a minister, teacher and healer
  • She also co hosts a radio show, Living in Joy / Reflections on A Course in Miracles
  • It’s important for people to relate to each other
    • Everything is relationships
    • “Love addiction” is a good thing
    • Giovanna finds that there’s a lot of confusion in relationships
    • It was a revelation for Giovanna to see and understand the element of give and take in relationships
  • Lisa lives a luxurious life in Christ and is totally in love with reckless abandon
  • Just like everybody else, Lisa came from relationships that didn’t work
  • Start with your relationship with yourself
  • Lisa believes everything is about prayer
    • The first step to having harmonious relationships is to have one with yourself and with God
    • Accept your new beginning and be willing to do the work
    • If God is not there, people tend to lean on another person to fulfill the need for love in us
    • The starting point is the moment you make a decision to have a new life
    • Most people think other people should change
  • Lisa’s first husband was incredible but when she looked at the marriage, she really didn’t feel complete
    • When they got a divorce, Lisa said she’d never be in a relationship anymore
    • Summer 2010, Lisa felt deep in her heart that she did want a relationship but thought it wouldn’t work out for her anymore
    • Ask for what you want in your heart
    • Lisa believed she had the most amazing partner ever – Jesus
    • She immediately changed and started taking care of herself
    • She loved her life and then a relationship came – she fell in love with her 2nd husband, Bill
    • Come to a place of wholeness and completion; to a place where you are full of love
    • Don’t wait for a partner to feel complete
  • Draw your circle, stand in it, and let everything come to you
    • The training that leads to transformation is to allow the blocks and obstacles to come into full awareness
    • The real work is finding the points of depression, anger, and fear and dissolving it into forgiveness
    • Remember the truth
  • Ego Love vs. Love of God
  • A Course in Miracles is really a course on how to forgive
  • The Mystical Third
    • The first point of change is inviting the Holy Spirit in
    • Open your mind and allow yourself to have experience with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit
    • Lisa shares about conflict between herself and her mother over a ring
    • Giovanna introduces Bill, Lisa’s husband
    • “The importance of inviting the Holy Spirit to a relationship is everything”
    • Invite the Holy Spirit to transform your relationship
    • A lot of people have partners who are not on a spiritual path
    • See that God is opening your partner’s heart and mind while you do your own work
    • Trust that this person will step up
    • Doing your own work makes everything easy
  • “It’s very difficult if you don’t have the training”
  • A Course in Miracles is a way to be happy
    • “It’s a map with very specific detailed instructions”
    • There’s a workbook with 365 lessons
    • A human being lives in fear
    • The course is a direct experience of your divine nature
    • It’s not about religion – just pure content
    • Lisa never thought she would marry again, but she believed there was someone God had for her
    • She had a list of things she wanted in a man and everything in the list was met by Bill
  • Be clear about what you want
  • Whatever you fear, you’re going to create
  • Get Lisa’s book, Gorgeous for God
  • Check out She Rises website!

3 Key Points:

  1. Having harmonious relationships with others begins with having a harmonious relationship with one’s self and with God.
  2. You need to let go of what intoxicates your life—depression, anger, fear—let it dissolve into forgiveness.
  3. Be clear on the outcomes that you want for your life and let all other possibilities go.

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