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June 18, 2017

A true Corporate Mentalist, Author Jivi Saran uses insightful business strategy, her highly developed observational skills, and mental perception of thought processes for discerning the truth about an organizational team to gain powerful creativity, focus and productivity. She has an extraordinary mind for improving conditions across an organization and has developed some of the most sophisticated and powerful models of Leadership, Organizational Strategy and Mindset Improvement through her Corporate Soul program.  Jivi Saran and her unique set of skills and offerings is changing the game for organizations around the world and is revolutionizing the way organizations create business strategy.

In this episode, Giovanna interviews Jivi Saran. Jivi describes herself as a corporate mentalist. She uses insightful business strategy, highly developed observational skills, and the mental perception of thought processes for discerning the truth about an organizational team. The aim in this is to gain powerful creativity, focus, and productivity. Listen as Jivi shares what a corporate mentalist is, what a corporate mentalist can offer your workplace, and why it’s important for leaders in the workplace to understand the whole person when it comes to their employees.

  • Today’s episode guest is Jivi Saran
  • Jivi is a corporate mentalist
  • Her background is in healthcare and she spent 3 decades in strategic leadership roles
  • She had the luxury of experimenting with a particular team to ensure they were performing at their highest
    • While she was experimenting, Jivi was also in a spiritual journey herself
    • Jivi got intrigued by who she was in the workplace
    • She found out that people were not leaving their problems at home
    • In her last decade of work, she experimented with what it would look like if people accepted the whole person in the workplace
    • It started a 6-year project where Jivi started a mindfulness program
    • As they nurtured the individual, the individual started to nurture the business strategy
    • Their program allowed people to be authentic and creative
  • 2 years ago, Jivi left her role in healthcare to be a corporate mentalist
  • The idea of leaving your problems at home is unrealistic
    • “We are human beings…it’s very difficult to compartmentalize”
  • Jivi’s Corporate Soul Program
    • The soul is an immortal legacy
    • It is what is left behind after your leadership
  • The greatest challenge around Jivi’s work is people’s perception that her programs are luxury items
    • “This is not luxury”
    • What you see in the workplace as poor performance is a symptom of people’s personal problems and the issues that they’re bringing to work
    • If you don’t get to the root, you’ll end up hiring consultant after consultant
    • Jivi educates leaders; it is not a luxury to have a mindfulness program for your employees
    • “This is a necessity in the organization”
  • People usually relate soul to something religious
  • We nurture people as the physical being in the employee benefit program, but how do we nurture them as energy beings?
  • Not everyone can be entrepreneurs, but there’s no reason we shouldn’t be happy where we are
    • Accept where you’re at in that moment of time
    • People use “I’m busy” as a fashion statement
    • As human beings, we are all here to take part in project Earth
    • This isn’t about you or me – it’s about something so much greater
    • Jivi responds to stress by having nausea
    • When you’re working with a leader who is in tune, soul becomes a part of their leadership strategy
  • Realistically, managers are not really trained to help their employees in that regard
    • It’s important to recognize that heart-centered conversations are not off-the-table in leadership
    • “If you do what you do, you get what you get”
    • Speak from the heart and start from kindness in every conversation
    • What you will say if you have 5 minutes to live is probably different from what your ego is telling you
    • Take a step back and pause before speaking
  • Our worklife is no different than our personal life – both comes down to choice
    • People don’t realize how toxic their situation is until physical symptoms arise
    • You have a choice – you choose to stay or not
    • Don’t get stuck in fear
    • Be smart, make a plan, and get some coaching – you only have one life to live
  • Jivi shares how all this began for her
    • She thinks it started out in Grade 4
    • She had an arranged marriage at 16 and divorced after 20 years
    • She felt she was living a different identity
    • She started a journey to search for answers
    • The answer was for Jivi to do the work!
    • Jivi was tired of the search and felt she needed to connect with her soulscript – which was the missing link
  • Powerful questions are questions like “What gives you the greatest joy?”
    • Lead with recognizing your body’s “expiry date”
    • Jivi’s feeling of liveliness comes from a place of joy
    • Define what you’re wanting to do—this is your means to getting to that end goal
    • If your means consume your entire time, there’s no possible way you can live from a place of joy
    • We forget about ourselves
  • Jivi’s course, The Corporate Soul Program, is about building wealth with a different intention
  • Visit the She Rises website!

3 Key Points:

  1. Be happy where you are – accept who you are and where you are at in this moment of time.
  2. Speak from your heart and with kindness at the beginning of every conversation.
  3. Live from a place of joy; part of this is taking time to care for yourself.

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