Giovanna Capozza - Your Inner GPS – The Ego vs God

July 18, 2017

In today’s busy world, we rarely find a chance to stop, breathe and reflect on the driving forces in our lives. Are we guided by our ego—the part of our mind that is inclined to fear and doubt? Or are we tapping into our inner place—a place where we find strength, peace, and a wisdom for the day? In today’s episode of She Rises, Giovanna takes us into the journey of discovering our own inner GPS (God Positioning System). When we stop, mediate, and look within; we are able to access our GPS and find exactly what we need for the day. Tune-in to learn the value of quiet meditation, what it means to invite the spirit in, and the impetus to act when we know what it is we ought to do.

  • Giovanna is a former homeopathic doctor, holistic nutritionist, and alternative, health-care practitioner who is now a transformational life coach for women
  • The show is dedicated to everyone who seeks to live the best version of themselves
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  • The topic for today is accessing your inner GPS (God Positioning System)
  • Put away your distractions—inhale, exhale, and be present
  • Using breath is one of the most powerful ways to tap into our inner guide
    • Take deep cleansing breaths and be conscious
    • Set an intention of what you would like to take on this call
    • Call your highest guide, your spirit, to guide the way to information
  • Giovanna meditated several times to reflect on how she could bring information to her audience
    • The message to create a radio show came back to her several times
    • This is a part of Giovanna learning to connect with her GPS
  • We are all familiar with “internal battles” that come from self-doubt when we have to make decisions
  • There is an inner place of knowing within you, that is there to be your guide
    • That inner place is waiting for an invitation
  • The reason why we don’t listen to our intuition is because we let our ego mind interject
    • Rationalization is great but NOT at the expense of that inner voice
    • Not listening to our inner voice is one way that we betray ourselves
  • Many years ago, Giovanna’s spiritual teacher said that the key to hearing is to get quiet
    • The spirit cannot speak to us if we’re too busy
    • First thing to practice is finding your quiet time
    • You can be present in the moment when you connect to your body
    • Take time and give yourself the moment you need
  • When your ego is speaking, there will be an emotion attached to it – fear, hesitation, or any emotional charge
  • When you hear a message that has no emotion, that is just peaceful, it’s your GPS
  • When you can find a quiet place and time, just say (in your mind or verbally), “I’m inviting you in”
    • The invitation is like setting the intention
    • Allow your thoughts to pass through – don’t fight them
    • “The mind is always thinking”
    • Our job in meditation is not to stop the thoughts, but to let it pass through us
  • Check yourself at night and see where you were guided in the day
  • Making the invitation is NOT enough, you have to jump into faith and trust, and start taking action
  • Sometimes it takes a long time to find that place of peace
  • Practice taking action
    • We don’t realize that faith is a muscle that you have to use and practice
    • In your morning ritual, remember to take action on what you hear
    • “You take the step and the bridge will appear”
  • Faith is acknowledging that you have a guide leading the way
  • Giovanna is a student of A Course in Miracles
  • “If you knew who walked with you at all times, you’d never have fear”
  • GPS Checklist
    • Get still and quiet – do this at least twice a day
    • Use your breath and breathing
    • Make the invitation
    • Have your pen and paper handy
  • Keep in mind that you may not get something all the time
  • There is a big difference when you’re in alignment with your ego and when you’re in alignment with your inner self
    • When you’re aligned with your ego, you are in fear
    • Anything that is not of peace, joy or love is the ego
    • Ego inhabits our stories and belief systems
    • Without GPS, Ego tends to run our whole life
  • We are not alone – we have GPS as part of our default
    • Doing things all on your own will not get you very far
  • When Giovanna gave herself the experience of tapping in, it made her daily life easier
  • Ego VS God is our subconscious, stories, and fears vs our higher knowledge and guidance system
  • Giovanna takes us through a powerful guided meditation
    • Close your eyes
    • Sit back
    • Give yourself space and time
    • Inhale through the nose, hold, and exhale through the mouth – repeat for a couple of times
    • Mentally scan your body, taking time, and looking for places where there is stiffness and tension
    • Inhale as if there is a white light on your crown – plug into that source
    • See the energy come down to your body and hit the places of tension
    • Allow the energy to stream to your feet
    • You are now present, tuned into the body and your breathing
    • Bring back your thoughts to the present moment
    • Make the invitation to the spirit
    • Did anything change when you made the invitation?
    • Ask a question, for guidance or for information
    • Allow yourself to drop the judgement
    • Once you feel satisfied, express your gratitude and release
    • Take a deep breath, release, open your eyes and return back
  • How was your experience?
  • Develop a relationship to this part of you that is connected to the source
  • Giovanna would love to continue the conversation – send your message to us
  • Check out She Rises website
  • End of today’s podcast

3 Key Points:

  1. GPS or The God Positioning System is our inner, higher self that we can tap into to access peace, love, and rest.
  2. To find your GPS, you need to be willing to set an intention, make an invitation, and take action in what your inner self is telling you.
  3. It’s time for you to develop a relationship to the part of you that is connected to a higher source.

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