Crystal Andrus Morissette – Life and Power After Tragedy

June 21, 2017

From life as a homeless teen to coaching A-List celebrities, from developing abs of steel and competing in the Miss Galaxy pageant to weighing 220 pounds after becoming a mother, Emotional Age and communication expert and women’s advocate Crystal Andrus Morissette is now a worldwide leader in the field of self-discovery and personal transformation. A media darling, she has been called upon by Oprah, CBS, FOX, the Daily Mail and more. Crystal is the founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer), an empowerment coach certification exclusively for women that she created with fellow female visionaries such as Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson and Dr. Christiane Northrup. She is the author of four best-selling books, including her latest release, “The Emotional Edge.” She is also certified in nutrition and sports medicine.

A woman’s past does not determine her future – today’s guest is proof of this very truth. Crystal Andrus came from a very difficult past—after her parents’ divorce, she experienced many trials including sexual abuse and blows to her physical health. She had a choice of whether she would remain as a victim or rise up to who she has become now—a leading voice in self-discovery and personal transformation. In this episode, Giovanna welcomes Crystal Andrus. Tune-in as Crystal shares about her journey of forgiveness and surrender. She also discusses key lessons that have changed her life including the concept of the Holy Spirit in our lives, mindfulness, and self-love.

  • Today’s episode guest is Crystal Andrus
  • Crystal is the author of the books, Simply… Empowered!: Discover How to Create and Sustain Success in Every Area of Your Life..Woman!: The 12-Week Body/Mind/Soul Total Transformation Program and Transcendent Beauty: It Begins with a Single Choice…to Be!
  • She is a worldwide leader in the field of self-discovery and personal transformation
  • She is the CEO and founder of Crystal Andrus Production and the W.A.T. Institute
  • Crystal believes it’s important to learn the lesson from a story
  • For Crystal, being introduced to the concept of the Holy Spirit made her feel important and loved
  • Grace comes from a higher level of consciousness
  • Crystal’s parents divorced when she was 12 years old
    • Being a wounded woman herself, her mom put Crystal and her siblings in harm’s way many times
    • Crystal experienced a lot of sexual abuse and rape because of her mom’s choices
    • Her mom kicked her out of the house at 15 and so she lived alone
    • “I went through way too many years of being a victim”
  • At 17, something clicked, and Crystal believed it was the Holy Spirit telling her to make a change
    • She went to have herself checked and found out she had an STD and early signs of cervical cancer
    • She went through a couple of years of dealing with cervical cancer alone as a teenager
    • At 21, Crystal had a traumatic head injury
    • She made a change in her 20s
    • She had kids at age 25 and it opened her heart to love and experience more love
    • Having kids was an epiphany for Crystal
    • She left her marriage later on
    • Crystal is now the happiest she has ever been
  • “Talking about your past all the time doesn’t mean you’ll know yourself better”
    • Have the courage to stop getting caught up in the blame
    • Make peace with your past
    • Allow yourself to be guided
  • People misunderstand the true meaning of surrendering – it’s seeking truth over compliance
    • Let go and follow the signs, they’re there
    • Take advantage of the circumstances
    • Don’t mistake signs for fear
  • The first lesson in the book, A Course in Miracles, is “Nothing I See Means Anything”
    • Our purpose here on Earth is to expand our lives
    • If you desire is powerful enough, it won’t contract
    • Giovanna feels empowered because she can trust herself and her higher self
  • “We have a long way to go for the empowerment of women”
    • Dalai Lama said, “The western woman would heal the world”
    • Women have the ability to expand their consciousness
  • Crystal told her husband she wanted to be his equal
    • Don’t be power-hungry
    • Women are in uncharted territory
    • In many countries, a woman is a domestic commodity
    • A woman’s true place of power comes from love
  • Crystal’s new book that is launching in Dec 2017, took 3 years to write
  • Giovanna is developing a program called The Shadow Self
  • The reason God gave us free will is because it’s the only way to expand our consciousness and to have the option or the duality of both dark and light
  • Self-loathing is what robs a person’s empowerment
  • It’s easy to love yourself when you’re in a place where life is great; it’s when you’re down that you have to love yourself more
    • Love yourself in every age and stage
  • Exercise sparks the brain, keeps you young and healthy, and helps fight depression
    • Your body is the container of your life
    • If your joy comes from the appearance of the container, you’re robbing yourself so many great experiences
    • The quest is to love yourself inspite of…
  • Your mind is so brilliant that it only allows you to process a certain amount of activity at a time
  • Give voice to your buried emotions to let it go
  • “What you resist will persist”
  • “We are not meant to be perfect. We’re meant to be whole”
  • Crystal’s new book’s working title is The Emotional Edge
    • The Emotional Age is a concept that Crystal created in her book where there is an empowerment spectrum and a person can look up to see what age they fall into
  • Everybody has their own idea of what they need
  • Right now, Crystal is enlightened by the fact that she doesn’t have any rituals anymore
    • When she gets off track, she makes sure she exercises everyday and hydrates herself
    • Crystal is not fanatical about her weight anymore
    • One of Giovanna’s rituals is waking up and intentionally making something for herself
    • Crystal understand rituals for the sake of mindfulness
    • The point of rituals is to be present
  • Create a life where everything is meshed together for you
  • Visit Crystal’s website
  • Check out She Rises website!

3 Key Points:

  1. Your past is NOT what defines your future—therefore, make peace with the past so you can move on.
  2. Love yourself regardless of whether life is great or very difficult.
  3. “We are not meant to be perfect. We are meant to be whole.”

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