Catherine Garceau – Swimming Out of Water

June 5, 2017

Catherine Garceau is an Olympic medalist from Sydney 2000 and the author of Swimming Out of Water. After her career as a synchronized swimmer, which lead her to perform in aquatic shows in Las Vegas, her journey of dealing with disordered eating, hypersensitivities and autoimmune conditions lead her to discover powerful tools and a new purpose – How can top performers and elite achievers be their best WHILE building health and long-term well-being.

Since, she’s helped hundreds of women struggling with similar issues, and is now taking this comprehensive coach/healer model to elite individuals like top athletes who have won Stanley cups, majors in the LPGA, and competed in 2+ Olympic games, and entrepreneurs who are building million dollar companies. Catherine uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and other tools including bodywork, to investigate this ‘shadow of achievement’, release limiting patterns, and discover new leverage for growth. Exploring this emotional landscape while activating more presence and proper sequencing in the body is what makes Catherine’s Catalyst Performance System very unique…

In this episode, Giovanna shares the mic with Catherine Garceau, an olympic medalist from Sydney 2000 and the author of Swimming Out of Water. When Catherine retired as a synchronized swimmer, her eating disorder became even more out of control and she knew it was time to focus on her healing. Catherine takes us into her journey of finding the root cause of her eating disorder, hypersensitivities, and autoimmune conditions and how she began to find hope in the power of tapping. Listen in as Catherine shares firsthand knowledge and advice about what it looks like to take ahold of your healing and personal health. You’ll learn what it means to replace negative drivers with positive ones and how finding the root cause of our trauma is the gateway to real change.

  • Today’s guest is Catherine Garceau
  • Catherine ended her swimming career with an olympic medal
    • She was team captain for the following 2 years
    • She hit a wall because of her eating disorder
    • She sought help and was put on Prozac
    • While going through the routine, she heard a voice from above that said, “This is your last swim”
    • Catherine retired that day and called for their sports psychologist to come to the hotel
    • She never had regrets retiring because she thought retirement would help her get better
  • Catherine became more out of control with food and gained more weight
    • Dating a chiropractor led Catherine to start reading healing books and explore what caused her system to overload
    • Going back, she thinks her binge eating problems came from her anxiety; this was a result of her experiencing sexual abuse which she only remembered 4 years ago
    • Catherine wanted sugar all the time, so she went through that cycle of gaining and losing weight
    • Through an investigation of her systems, she found problems in her liver
    • The more she investigated, the more Catherine realized how sensitive she was to chlorine and its by-products
    • She became the champion for bringing healthier filtration systems for pools
    • Unfortunately, a lot of pools cannot afford to change their systems
  • Giovanna shares about how she would test off-gassing for allergies when she had a clinical practice
    • “I really believe that our soul has lessons to lessons”
  • Catherine went to OA (Overeaters Anonymous) for a while
    • Catherine acknowledges “the addict” inside her, but it’s just not what she believes she is
  • Along her journey, she found out about tapping – an energy psychology
  • Tapping is getting a thought or the Big T (trauma)
    • When you tap, you steal negative things and shift the energy
    • Tapping helps people acknowledge the Big T and brings in love and compassion to themselves
    • It helped Catherine on her emotional landscape
    • She felt better after every tapping, but went back to binge-eating again
    • A friend told her to investigate tapping further and that she needed to do it in a certain way; she needed to go back to the original cause
    • Catherine followed that advice and tapping became a powerful tool for her
  • Giovanna learned tapping from a friend who refers to it as holistic EFT
  • Stress shuts down problem-solving in the body
  • Catherine caters to athletes, actors and top-performing professionals
    • Our bodies carry so much memory that we need to use pressure for healing processes
    • Catherine herself is sometimes a skeptic on tapping
    • She uses conversations to segway her clients to tapping
    • “I only believe in what I currently offer because they really created a result”
  • You need to have a goal and a level of certainty and presence, which should come together to be able to win
    • If you take away your negative driver without replacing it with a positive one, you might not be functional
    • Dismantle, but build
  • When you feel stress or doubt, ask yourself when was the worst time or the first time you felt such stress
    • Investigate what really happened when you felt that feeling
    • Your driver is what makes you who you are today
    • Talk to your old self to bring positive energy into your life
    • “It’s not about being broken—it’s about integrating the wholeness of who you are”
  • Catherine has a FREE introduction to tapping for you! Check it out here!
  • Connect with Catherine on Activating High Performance
  • Check out She Rises website!
  • End of today’s podcast

3 Key Points:

  1. A traumatic incident can be the cause of anxiety, stress, and many negative psychological and physiological responses that we may experience; sometimes that traumatic incident lives in our subconscious.
  2. Your problem may never cease unless you get to the root of it.
  3. People focus on removing negative drivers from their lives, but often forget to replace it with a positive driver.

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